Tuesday, 1 May 2012

BioMarine Convention chairman shares his views

Ahead of the forthcoming BioMarine Business Convention 2012 and launch of the BioMarine Resources Directory, Pierre Erwes, BioMarine Chairman, shares his views on the bio marine sector and the challenges ahead.

"For over four years we have been working on a new dynamic, encouraging many actors of the marine bio-resources industry to meet the growing need for qualified information, sharing experiences, international development and lobbying towards international organisations," he says.

"The path is often strewn with obstacles, including the ones of the conservative and traditional organisations which did not anticipate the rapid development of our new and transversal community."

He says the world of marine bio-resources is a complex mosaic of fast and changing boundaries, on one hand affecting the evolving industries and on the other, the various innovation processes.

"I have often emphazised, throughout our BioMarine conventions, how the disparity of our activities offers a world of opportunities and synergies ..."  Read More...

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