Monday, 25 June 2012

Helena Vieira, CEO and co-founder BIOALVO SA

Helena is CEO of Bioalvo and will participate at BioMarine in the women debate

Helena Vieira is the CEO and co-founder of BIOALVO SA, a natural products biotech company    focusing on maximizing bioactive ingredient discovery using its own proprietary technology and libraries, since 2005. She holds a post graduation in Leadership & Strategy in Pharma & Bioptech, from Harvard Business School, Boston, USA and a PhD in Biomedicine from Imperial College of London, UK.
She was also a researcher in the molecular and cellular biology fields, in Portugal and    UK,    and    completed several other post graduations in the human molecular genetics field. Before starting-up BIOALVO, she was an Associated Professor and Scientific Coordinator of the biomedical and clinical engineering degrees at the Engineering    Faculty of Catholic University of Portugal, Lisbon.    She    also    has experience as Principle Investigator at the Biomedical Nucleus, since 2005, at the same university. Currently, Helena is responsible for the supervision & teaching of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Transfer course to Master Students in the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon. She is currently leading a team of 15 people while managing one of the TOP 3 biotech companies in Portugal. Helena is highly    skilled    in    biotech    strategy    and    major    technical    aspects    of    natural products bioactive discovery and development fro several industries, from pharmaceutical to cosmetics and nutraceutics.

BIOALVO, the Biotech for Natural Products, is a Portuguese start-up company with a privileged access to the biggest continental platform in Europa – Portugal’s. BIOALVO develops fully integrated biotech solutions to maximize natural products market applications in areas as diverse as cosmetics, household products, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals or even industrial. BIOALVO holds unique and proprietary microorganisms natural extracts collections form the unique Portuguese deep Ocean (PharmaBUG, LUSOMAREXTRACT) and Land (LUSOEXTRACT) ecosystems and couples these assets with its unique and patented discovery technology GPS D2, its extensive assay development and HTS robotics capacity as well as production and full development capacities in house, providing its partners with a one-stop-shop solution for their innovation in natural product development. By using BIOALVO’s organization as a fully integrated or modular partner in the different stages of a novel ingredient development our partners are bringing a natural product solution closer and quicker to market. In the last year BIOALVO has identified and is developing novel and innovative ingredients such as a new marine botox-like ingredients with topical action for pharmaceutical and cosmetical applications, novel marine natural anti-UV protectors for cosmetic and textile applications and novel marine neuroprotective and anti-inflammatories compounds with tremendous potential for several other applications. Mostly, at BIOALVO we thrive to find sustainable and natural solutions in the Portuguese ocean and ecosystems to solve current society problems, making everyone’s life healthier, better and more natural. In 2011 BIOALVO was awarded the highest national prize for biodiversity and sustainability (BES BIODIVERSIDADE 2011) and was ranked at the TOP 6 best companies in Europe’s Most Innovative Biotech SME Award 2011
Come and visit us in BIOMARINE CONVENTION 2012 in London and find out our latest developments and contributions to a better world!

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