Thursday, 12 July 2012

Salt-to-drinking-water converter to be trialled by student

A device which could revolutionise life for communities around the globe will be among the first projects put to the test in Plymouth University's new marine building.

Student Ross Cosgrove, 22, will make scale models of a wave energy converter, which aims to convert salt water into drinking water, and then examine its viability as part of his course thesis.

Ross, who is studying for a Masters degree in marine renewable energy, will use computational simulation software with technology developers in Falmouth to validate his results and establish how much drinkable water could be produced in certain locations.

He will be one of the first people to use facilities in Plymouth University’s new £19million marine building, testing the prototypes in the country’s most advanced wave tanks.
English: University of Plymouth Coat of Arms
English: University of Plymouth Coat of Arms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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