Friday, 19 October 2012

Novus Profile

Take a Closer Look at Novus Aquaculture
Novus creates animal and nutrition solution based on science. Grounded in lab research and tested in practical field studies, Novus products have long provided innovative solutions for the poultry, swine, dairy, beef and aqua industries. Over 2,500 clients in nearly 100 countries trust Novus to be an integral part of their daily animal agriculture operations.
Now that tradition of innovation continues with solutions for aquaculture. Novus monitors the evolving needs of the industry on a daily basis. Novus understands its many pressures, for which the talented researchers and developers are continuously working to create solutions. Driven by customer feedback, this team is focused on providing the industry with sustainable and cost-efficient solutions. Novus is dedicated to anticipating today what the industry will need tomorrow.
Aquaculture will soon become the world’s leading source of animal protein, providing wholesome nutrition to an ever-growing population. To produce the food that’s needed in a profitable, sustainable manner, the industry faces many significant challenges. Now and in the future, the industry can count on Novus as their partner in overcoming these challenges.
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Novus: Investing in the Future of Aquaculture
Novus is committed to making Aquaculture production more efficient and profitable. The Novus staff, which includes nearly 80 research and development experts, dedicates itself to this mission every day. And by supporting graduate scholarships at leading aquaculture research institutions worldwide, Novus is also investing in the future of the industry.
Novus’s goal is to provide innovative total management solutions that optimize aquaculture production. Novus is dedicated to providing customized solutions that enhance the health and performance of your animals.
To learn more about our aquaculture solutions, contact your local Novus Sales Representative or Novus Customer Service. Outside of the U.S., call +1.314.576.8886, within the U.S., call 1.800.568.0088 or send an e-mail to
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