Monday, 20 August 2012

2012 Novus WAS Internship Challenge: fancy going to Vietnam?

Novus International, Inc. is pleased to announce the sponsorship of the 2012 Novus World Aquaculture Society (WAS) Internship program. Aquaculture has a bright future, as it represents the fastest growing animal production industry. Novus recognises the need for the industry to attract and educate talented individuals to become future aqua research scientists and nutritionists. This internship program represents an investment by Novus into the future of the aquaculture industry. All eligible candidates are encouraged to apply.
Challenge Topic:
Culture of low cost freshwater fish (carp, tilapia or catfish) is rapidly expanding worldwide and provides a tremendous opportunity to provide high quality animal protein for feeding growing world populations.  As production expands, price pressures have increased on growers demanding improved efficiencies. Suggest an experiment which will test a technology aimed at providing alternatives for feed producers which can help reduce production costs through increased productivity, growth and/or feed conversion efficiencies while controlling or reducing feed cost. Provide a background literature review that focuses on the mode of action behind the experimental hypothesis. 
Proposal to be submitted by November 15, 2012 describing an innovative testable proposal in the area described above.  Proposals should be limited to two to three typewritten pages plus references.  A one page CV of the candidate should be attached to the proposal. Applicant must be enrolled in a University MSc or PhD program at the time of application.
Ho Chi Minh City's Downtown at night
Ho Chi Minh City's Downtown at night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Selection of Novus intern will be announced at Aquaculture 2013, Nashville TN.  A digital photograph of the intern will be needed for the announcement.
Following selection, the 4 week internship will be scheduled June-Aug 2013. The intern will work with The Novus Aquaculture Research team on a current project being carried out at the Novus Aqua Research Center, Vietnam.  Vietnam is the 3rd largest aqua production country in the world. Our Novus Aqua Research Center is integrally connected to the aqua industry and allows the intern to learn about and experience aquaculture in Vietnam through interactions with the Novus research and operations teams.  
The award will include:
·       Travel to and from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
·       Lodging in a University student dormitory in Vietnam during the internship
·       Per diem of $1000 to help defray living costs in Vietnam
Submit proposals by email to Lorraine Magney at Novus.
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