Monday, 15 October 2012

BioMarine profile: Pronova BioPharma

Pronova is a global leader in research, development and manufacture of lipid therapies derived from nature.

The group's first commercialised product, Omacor/Lovaza, is branded in a number of countries (57) throughout Europe, Asia and in the USA. End-user sales has grown rapidly in all international  markets and the annual run rate at 31 December 2011 reached USD 1 380 million, according to IMS Health. The product is the first EU- and FDA-approved omega 3-derived prescription drug.

Marketing and distribution of Pronova's key product is currently licensed to both local and global pharmaceutical companies.

The company is in the process of developing several new, patentable lipid derivatives. The most advanced lipid derived pharmaceutical programme is in the area of combined dyslipidemia, the abnormal concentration of lipids and lipoproteins in the blood, for which the company has a product, PRC-4016, in clinical trials.

Pronova has also announced plans to enter the consumer health care and clinical nutrition markets, enabling the company to further leverage its position as the world's largest manufacturer of high grade omega-3 derived products.

Pronova's headquarters are located at Lysaker in Norway, while production takes place at state of-the-art manufacturing facilities at Sandefjord in Norway and in Kalundborg, Denmark. The company's shares are listed on Oslo Børs with the ticker code PRON.

Additional information is available here.
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