Thursday, 16 August 2012

Aker BioMarine reports high quarterly sales

Aker BioMarine announced that it has achieved its highest quarterly sales of Superba™ krill to date: 74 metric tons, of which a significant proportion was sold to customers in the Asia/Pacific region. Aker BioMarine is experiencing strong demand growth for both its dietary supplement Superba krill and the feed ingredient Qrill™, and is upwardly adjusting the company’s 2012 sales guidance. 
The company revealed that it has signed a distribution agreement for Qrill™Aqua with European supplier of animal food ingredients, BioMar, in May.  Read more...
The pleopods (swimming legs, or "swimmere...
The pleopods (swimming legs, or "swimmerets") of a krill (here a member of Euphausia superba, the Antarctic krill). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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