Friday, 19 October 2012

Olmix Profile

Founded in 1995 by Hervé Balusson, Olmix Group was born at the core of Brittany, in Bréhan (Morbihan) from the will to find natural alternatives to additives used in agriculture.
Its business is specially based on the development of natural additives based on seaweeds, trace-elements and clays towards Animal and Vegetal Nutrition and Health.
With its famous Amadéite®, 100% natural biomaterial, Olmix has become one of the worldwide main specialists of green tech. One of the first green refineries in the world, the ULVANS Project, will soon be established in Brittany (France), and will industrially process products from algae. 
For 15 years, Olmix is involved in algae valorisation, and its philosophy is based on the belief that they are the new “Green Gold”. Olmix logo is by the way built with algae, more than a symbol, for a better life!
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Olmix is present in 60 countries throughout the world, has 250 employees and makes a turnover of 53,4 million Euros, of which 80 % of sales exported. Listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, Olmix has 7 production sites in Europe and its natural innovations lead the group to become a main reference in sustainable development with significant growth perspectives. Olmix Group’s strategy is in phase with regulations and environmental evolutions in the world.
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